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We are experts in the field repair of all pulsation dampener assemblies. We serve the whole state of Texas with teams in South Texas, West Texas, East Texas, North Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, as well as emergency teams in Pennsylvania. We have established ourselves as the firm to call when you require the best pulsation dampener repair available. This is accomplished through the use of competent technicians and fully stocked service trucks. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with NO OVERTIME CHARGES.

We provide service on a single pump or fleet basis, with documented reports on the equipment and suggestions of each rig. We have the best track record in terms of bladder life, servicing availability, and cheap cost.

Pulsation Dampener Unit

What is a Pulsation Dampener?

Positive displacement pumps, because of their reciprocating nature, produce pulsations or pressure gaps that, over time, have the potential to cause damage to the entire pump system. Pressure gaps can also be caused when pump check valves are opened and closed in an improper manner. Pulsation dampeners have a function very similar to that of a vehicle’s shock absorbers; they reduce the consequent hydraulic shocks and minimize pipe noise as well as changes in pressure. The amount of energy that is present in the pumped medium can be reduced by using a solid pulsation dampener, which in turn will increase the efficiency of the other tools that are utilized in the system.

Pulsation dampeners protect the various components of a system from harm by reducing the effects of shock and excess movement. This protects pipe welds and supports in particular. As a consequence, there is an improvement in pump efficiency, safety, and dependability, as well as a reduction in downtime, maintenance, and operating expenses.

How Do Pulsation Dampeners Work?

Compression or exchange are the two strategies that are used by all pulsation dampeners in order to reduce the amount of energy that is produced by reciprocating pumps. The conventional gas-charged dampeners make use of a compressible gas cushion. This can be accomplished through the employment of a gas over liquid or gas-filled diaphragms, bladders, or cartridges. The gas undergoes compression while the reciprocating pump generates pressure spikes; as a result, the gas is able to absorb the pressure differential and smooth out the flow of the pumped medium. Utilize energy exchange for pulsation dampeners that do not require regular maintenance. One of the most common misunderstandings concerning maintenance-free pulsation control devices is the idea that the medium being pumped is sufficiently compressible to absorb the pressure spikes caused by the reciprocating pumps. This is not the case at all. On the other hand, the maintenance-free pulsation dampeners accomplish their function by the transfer of kinetic energy. This exchange of kinetic energy is only possible if the capacity of the pulsation dampener is large enough to allow for the dissipation of sufficient energy to mitigate the negative effects that are brought on by the reciprocating pump. Because of this, in order to be successful, maintenance-free pulsation devices require extremely high volumes. Compression and exchange are two strategies that can be used to lessen the negative impacts that positive displacement pumps might have, and Sigma Drilling Technologies has created a pulsation dampening system that uses both of these techniques.


In an effort to outshine our competition and provide you, the customer, with the highest level of service, we are offering inspections. A complimentary inspection includes pre-charge monitoring and/or adjustment, gauge inspection/replacement, charging valve inspection/replacement, and leak testing. Following an examination, we can provide a variety of useful advice for extending bladder life and ensuring correct function.

Our Specialized Bladders

We don’t employ low-cost or imported bladder replacements. We can supply a new bladder with improved overall strength and abrasion resistance while reducing down time and associated expenses by collaborating with our manufacturers on the formulation of natural, synthetic, and urethane rubber compounds to match ACTUAL drilling conditions.

Our dedication to service and detail has propelled us to the forefront of the industry. On the following pages, you may learn more about our company. With so many services to pick from, you’re sure to find what you’re searching for! If you require assistance, our knowledgeable staff would be happy to assist you.

Economic Benefits of Quality Dampeners

  • Reduce failures caused by stress
  • MWD Signal Processing Improvements
  • Premature relief valve activation is eliminated
  • Precision of down hole pill placing
  • Reduce the possibility of Power End failures
  • Waste parts are reduced Reduced cost of maintenance and operating expenses
  • Increase the life of the valve, fitting, and gauge
  • Reduced vibration, which causes severe damage to weld connections and support structures
  • Increase the life of metering and control instruments
  • Remove the wear-causing shock from bearings, packing, seals, and other pump components
  • Reduce the amount of time required for part replacement
  • Increase system capacity by allowing it in a safe manner
  • Flow velocity and operating pressures have been increased
  • Improve the precision of setting, measuring, and metering devices
  • Increase safety by preventing breakage and leaks in combustible or hazardous material transport systems

Field Services

We take pleasure in providing the best field services available.

Our fully stocked late model service fleet is ready for fast dispatch 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Oil Pump Jacks Using Pulsation Dampeners

X-Ray Services

Pulsation Dampener Service now offers X-ray services to evaluate remaining service life and identify potential manufacturer flaws in pulsation dampeners, which is an industry first.

Radiographers with experience will do the x-rays and then analyze the film in accordance with the ASTM E4476 standard. Because pulsation dampener producers are also responsible for quality control, third-party evaluation and an objective performance standard are critical for identifying potential flaws and errors that can lead to catastrophic dampener failure.

Damage to other site equipment is severe and widespread due to the explosive nature of dampener failure. The lethal risk to employees is considerable due to the size and weight of failing dampener shards. This innovative inspection service eliminates the cost, danger, and downtime associated with dampener failure.

If the pulsation dampener fails the film evaluation, Pulsation Dampener Service can remove the defective dampener from service and offer refurbished, replacement dampeners that meet the ASTM E446 standard.

Oil field pulsation dampeners

Technical Brief


Why are pulsation dampeners required in reciprocating pumps?

• Early plunger, valve, seat, spring, and packing failure

• Tired piping and connections

• Decreased pump efficiency

• Prolonged downtime

These are the most typical issues with reciprocating pump fluid ends and piping systems, resulting in needlessly high maintenance costs and dangerous conditions. What’s the reason? Pulsation.

What exactly is pulsation?

A pulsation (or pressure surge) is a pressure change induced by the fluid column’s inertia being accelerated and decelerated. The magnitude of these pressure surges is determined by the characteristics of each pumping system. The most significant parameters to consider are the number of plungers (pistons), bore and stroke length, crank angle, and pipe design. Multiple pumps with common suction and/or discharge headers are prone to overlapping pressure surges and harmonic interference. Regardless of size, the majority of positive

Pulsation occurs in displacement pumps utilized in industry today.


Difficult discharge piping arrangements, particularly several pumps with a shared header,

Typically, this causes strong pulsations in the pipe system. This also has an impact on downstream components including meters, gauges, valves, and the flowline itself. With the same type of cartridge function as the suction stabilizer, the discharge dampener absorbs and evens out the flow from the pump.

Additionally, one of our customers that owns a Provo junk removal company claims that it also aids in the reduction of harmonic interference in multi-pump/common discharge installations. We’re inclined to believe this as we’ve noticed the same effects on other customers’ equipment.


Aside from fewer maintenance costs and downtime due to system failure, the stabilized pumping system allows for faster pump speeds and improved volumetric efficiencies.

We offer a complete array of Pulsation Dampeners to help you obtain the desired outcomes in your pumping systems.


PDS stands for Pulsation Dampener Service LLC. Oilfield Service is proud of the high quality and craftsmanship of their pulsation dampener bladders. As a result, Pulsation Dampener Service assures its bladders to be free of material and workmanship faults for one (1) year following initial installation by a competent Pulsation Dampener Service expert. If a failed bladder proves to be defective in material or workmanship during the warranty term, Pulsation Dampener Service will repair or replace the product in question with a similar product at its sole discretion. The new equipment will be covered for the remainder of the original limited warranty period. This warranty policy does not cover bladders that fail due to improper customer use or treatment, such as abrasion with the interior surfaces of the dampener body, over-pressurization, or regular wear and tear. This guarantee only applies to the initial consumer purchaser. Contact us for more information.